College of Wizardry Classic – Autumn Events – 7-10 Nov


College of Wizardry is an all-inclusive, premium immersive magic school experience, set at a castle in Europe.

The ticket includes three cooked meals a day, wardrobe items on loan, and overnight stays at the castle.
Join the magic classes as student or teacher. Enter secret clubs and get sorted into a house. Explore the castle through secret passageways. Roam the castle grounds, full of special effects magical beings portrayed by interactive actors and other players! Compete in fireball, dance in the grand hall and watch the late night fireworks show.

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  • Experience life as a junior at Czocha and get sorted into one of the five houses; Faust, Sendivogius, Molin, Durentius or Libussa!
  • Play a sophomore and explore the castle and its secrets, as you set up to rule the school when the seniors graduate!
  • Seniors are the school veterans, knowledgeable of the gossip and secrets that permeate student life at Czocha.
  • Join the faculty and teach magical classes, while navigating the intrigue and politics that follows with being a staff member of Czocha.